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Dunluce Castle
Northern Ireland makes for a perfect holiday destination, for a weekend, short break, or longer. There is plenty to see and do. If you are a fan of history or of castles, then you should not visit Northern Ireland without visiting Dunluce Castle.
Dunluce Castle is located on the Antrim coast. Those reading this article, may not be aware that Northern Ireland has some of the most wonderful beaches and coast lines in Europe. In visiting Dunluce Castle, you can not only enjoy a cultural activity, bust also, but can also make the most of the beach and the sea.
Dunluce Castle is set on a crag that was shaped when the sea cut into the rock. The Earl of Ulster was the first to build a castle at Dunluce. The castle often came under siege and in 1584 Sorley Boy MacDonnell captured it from the British. Dunluce Castle can be visited by boat and it makes the perfect day out for those on holiday in the region or for those living in Northern Ireland. The rugged and beautiful coastline of the castle will ensure that you return home with stunning photos of this beautiful spot.

Rathlin Island
If you are looking for somewhere quiet and tranquil to visit, with an intriguing history, then it is definitely worth a visit to Rathlin Island
Rathlin Island is an island off the coast of County Antrim and is the only inhabited offshore island in Northern Ireland. It is an L shaped island six miles from the mainland. The passenger only service from Bally Castle to Rathlin Island means that the island is exceptionally quiet. Cars are only allowed access in special circumstances, and it is, thus, a heaven, for cyclists and walkers.
Rathlin Island is a nature reserve and makes up one of 43 special areas of conservation in Northern Ireland. It is home to thousands of sea birds, including puffins and razor birds. It is a paradise for bird lovers. The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds Nature Reserve offers spectacular views of Rathlinís bird colony.
Rathlin Island was also the site of one of the first Viking raids in Ireland. This raid took place in 795. On a sadder note it also the site of a massacre in July 1575 when the Earl of Essex ordered a raid on the Island. Rathlin Island is the perfect destination for history and nature lovers.

Giantís Causeway
Giantís Causeway in located in Country Antrim in Northern Ireland. Nature lovers will be astonished by the breathtaking scenery adjacent to the Causeway. Giantís Causeway is a World Heritage site nature reserve and one of Northern Irelandís Premier touristís attractions.
The 15 miles of footpaths around the coastline are owned and maintained by the National Trust. There is a visitorís centre at Giantís Causeway which is open daily and an ideal starting point for a visit to this spot. The visitors centre is full of advice and information. There is also a 12 minute audio visual presentation available in 5 languages.
Situated around the Causeway are many sheltered harbours and fishermenís cottages. Giantís Causeway is a testament to those who have given their lives to the sea. There have been many ship wrecks around the surrounding area of the Causeway. One of the most famous shipwrecks is that of the Girona, which was the Galleas of the Spanish Armada, and had a compliment of 1200 men on board. If you are a history or nature enthusiast, Giantís Causeway, is the perfect destination for you.

Carrick-a- Red Rope Bridge
Carrick- a- Red Rope Bridge situated on the coast of County Antrim in Northern Ireland is a stunning chasm of eighty feet deep. At one time there was a single hand rail bridge giving access across the chasm, but in 2000 the National Trust installed a caged bridge as a safety measure.
Carrick-a- Red Rope Bridge is definitely not for the faint hearted or those that are afraid of heights. There have been instances of tourists crossing the bridge and then being unable to face the return journey back across the bridge. So, only cross the bridge is you feel brave enough to make the return journey!
Although Carrick- a Red Rope Bridge is now a major tourist destination it was at one time purely functional, serving the fishermen in the area. This coastline at one time was well known for its salmon fishing. The cliffs and coastline around the bridge are stunning and it is a real treat for nature a sea lovers. Areas to visit around Carrick-a Red Rope Bridge include the Larrybane Headline, and Sheep Island. So, be astonished and enthralled by the beauty of this area.

The Gobbins Path
Masterminded by the Irish railway engineer Berkley Dean as a incredible tourist attraction.The path opened in 1902 and was later abandoned in the 1960's until an investment of over £7.5 million brought about its rebirth in 2015. Come and explore The Gobbins,a sectacular location where you can truly escape everyday life and experience nature at its most elemental. During your amazing 2.5hr walking tour of The Gobbins sea cliffs, taste the sea salt on your lips,marvel at tales of local smugglers,witness the native sea birds and keep your eyes open for Dolphins.Walk along a narrow path hugging the dramatic cliff face,across spectacular bridges amid the crashing waves of the North Channel,traversing hidden tunnels under the Irish Sea,up and down rugged staircases carved into the cliff face and into caves that were once home to smugglers and privateers.
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